Boat Models

The Dargel Skout series is designed to get you in and out of very shallow water, without sacraficing stability in rough water. Our Skout series is for the serious shallow water fisherman. With a modified "Vee" entry, afterplanes and Dargel's "hydrolift" tunnel, these fishing machines are unbelievably smooth, dry, and run in extremely shallow waters. The Skouts also feature low profile gunnels and extra wide beams for superior drifting characteristics, very shallow draft, and ease of boarding when wading. Every Dargel boat is 100% hand-laid fiberglass with our unique all fiberglass substructure for unequaled strength and no worries about wood rot. All wood that is used for reinforcing the decks, floors, and transoms, carries a lifetime warranty against warp and rot (1997 & Later).

Dargel Boats
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